Our Story

Wendy Lee is the ENERGY FUELS INC Brand Dansin Hair manager , her father engaged in virgin hair products in China for more than 20 years, but Wendy has little interest in hair products industry, until 2014 in the United States during the study at Columbia University, she changed her mind. From the young interested in HIPHOP culture, Wendy come into contact with a lot of friends liking to wear virgin hair. She always hears them complain about the new hair tangle, shedding, very thin etc. a series of problems in their daily lives. Once Wendy went shopping with friends, came to a shop selling virgin hair products, she found the store's price was many times higher than the price of his father's factory. She was very surprised, then visited a lot of local hair product shops to do research, bought a lot of hair samples, some of which were the most expensive hair in stores, then she sent the hair samples back to her father’s factory to test. The results were surprising, the so-called VIRGIN HAIR", most of them were not, some after chemical treatment, and some even mix of synthetic fiber, only very few were Real Virgin Hair, however the price was very expensive. Wendy thinks it is unfair, many people spend lots of money but failed to buy good quality hair, so she want to help these people, let them spend less money to get beautiful and good-quality hair. After a few months of research, she has really learned what kind of hair is people truly need. She returned to China, discussed with her father to research and develop a new product. After 6 months of continuous innovation and improvement, finally created an amazing 10A Virgin Hair with affordable price. Gradually, the heart of Wendy germinates a large ideal, so that all the friends who need hair products can buy the most cost-effective BEST VIRGIN HAIR. So a new brand Dansin was born.

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